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Surprise Signs

A prominent display at any wedding is the couple's personalized sign at the entrance. The whole tone of a wedding is set as guests step into the church, country club or home where the wedding ceremony is held.

But where do you get these beautiful signs if your venue doesn't provide it? That's where comes to the rescue.

This company makes elegant to fun custom Banners for any occasion, including weddings! Imagine not only having a simple coroplast sign displaying your name and date of wedding, but displaying your message on custom banner in bright vivid vinyl.

If you have a favorite photo, artwork or design, can use it and prominently display it on the banner.

All banners come with choice of grommets or pockets.

For group photos, these signs are just the bomb! In addition to awesome banners and signs, Surprise signs makes some of the most decadent and inexpensive ceremony programs, using high quality paper and specialty logos to add a special touch to your theme.

If you have a special engagement photo, they can add this to the front of the program, adding another personalized touch.

Also available at are Wedding Invitations, Wedding Favors, Napkins and Accessories, Custom Labels, Candy Bar Wrappers, Chocolate Champagne Bottles, CD's and Foil Wrapped Chocolate Bars, Programs, Holiday Cards,  Banners, and Unique Lawn Announcements.

This is a unique company that adds an element of personalized fun to boldly display the love you share on your wedding day.

For more information, visit